From Salesman to chef

Meet Rami Raw

"From a young age, I had an immense passion for cooking. In fact, some of my earliest memories are cooking with my grandmother in Jerusalem. In 2010, I appeared on Season 3 of Master Chef, where I had the opportunity to cook for Chef Gordan Ramsey. Today, I operate a private chef business focused on private dinners, meal prep and I also offer Penthouse Dining Experiences."

A Journey Of Passion

Despite finding success as a Sales Representative, my heart was always in the kitchen, a passion passed down from my mother. While I pursued a career in car dealerships, my love for cooking never waned. Then, a chance opportunity arose when my sister alerted me to a MasterChef casting call in Austin. Though I didn’t win, the experience ignited a desire to pursue culinary endeavors further. I partnered with others to open a restaurant in Dallas, but unfortunately, organizational challenges and service issues led to its closure. Returning to my sales job, I found success but felt unfulfilled, longing for more time to indulge in my true passion for cooking.

The "Raw" in Rami Raw

I developed Plate Pulse, an app that restores credibility to food reviews by requiring check-ins and dish photos. Feeling unhappy and unmotivated in my job, I quit and launched Rami Raw to grow my chef brand. “Raw” signifies my commitment to being real and transparent about my culinary journey.

Our mission

Share My Passion For Food

Since my passion is cooking and giving people extraordinary culinary experiences, I have carefully selected a team of professionals with the same vision and dedication. Our goal is to offer you top-quality, unique meals and to provide you with top-notch services such as event catering and penthouse experiences. And we do that with transparency, always showing you how it’s like to work the “Rami Raw” way in a kitchen.

Our values

The values that shape everything we do



The result is key to a great dish. That’s why we execute with precision, love, and professionalism.


Team work

We are a team above all. We work together to provide you with the best culinary experiences.



We are all passionate about cooking and we show you how we do it in our kitchen. You can taste that passion in each bite!



We love to learn more, become more, offer more. That’s why we now have a variety of services.